Friday Faces of the Past: Amos Family Reunion, 1950ish



For today’s Faces of the Past, I have a shot of the Amos family reunion.  I think this took place sometime around 1950, because my grandparents Frances and Harry are married (1947), but I don’t think they have had their first-born yet, and she was born around 1953 I believe.  I don’t recognize the house, but my great-grandparents lived in Parke County, Indiana, so it could be their old house there.

The only other people I can identify are my Grandpa’s sister Betty and his brother Bill, and my great-grandparents, Raymond and Lillian.

(I really need to upload this to so that other people who may be related can look at it and possibly identify other relatives!)

This reminds me, I also need to label the names on our most recent family reunion shot, so that in 70 years no descendants are looking at it wondering who the heck they are looking at!


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