Tombstone Tuesday: Horn Family

As luck would have it, the Horns have a family cemetery in Putnam County, Indiana.  I need to ask the property owner for permission, but some weekend I will definitely take a drive to this spot.

Phebe (Horn) Horn, 4x great grandmother, 1800-1860

Phebe Horn

Phereba (Peele) Horn, 5x great grandmother, 1765-1850

Pharaba Horn

Jeremiah Horn, 5x great-grandfather

Jeremiah Horn

Monument in North Carolina to the Horn family, containing some valuable birth/death date information.  Wouldn’t ya know it, this monument is in Wayne County North Carolina (I think?), which is “on the way” back to Indiana from the Outer Banks.  (See my last post for clarification.)

Something I have found is that if I can get back to ancestors around the American Revolution, there are often dozens of other descendants who have done some research which I can use as a jumping off point.  The Horn family seems to be one of historical import, as I have found a wealth of information on them.  When this happens, I get a kind of two-fold feeling.  The first part is excitement that I found all this great new info, but part of me is a little sad too that I didn’t get to it first!  Kind of takes the fun out of the detective work…but just a little!  I do appreciate the hard work of fellow descendants, though.


2 thoughts on “Tombstone Tuesday: Horn Family

  1. I am looking forward to seeing the family history you recently received. [If you wouldn’t mind a little suggestion – add the Tags: Family History and History to your posts for the added exposure you deserve. I want to help you get the readers you’re after. Feel free to delete this message if you wish.]

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