Video: Confederate Soldiers Do the “Rebel Yell”

This is really incredible.  In this video from the 1930’s, a group of Civil War veterans who fought for the Confederacy gather and reenact the Rebel Yell.  What is astounding about this video is that we are watching, in 2014, men who were born in the 1840’s or earlier.

Fascinating!  I have ancestors who fought for the Confederacy (as well as the Union), and it’s not every day that a family historian can actually use video as a source.

This drives home the point that we need to really think outside the box when looking for sources of information.  Don’t dismiss historical video, even if it doesn’t actually show your ancestor.  We can learn about dress, mannerisms, and more from these types of sources.

Have you ever stumbled upon a historical video that enriched your research?